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My how time flies…

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Well Hello WoodSprites!

It’s me, I’m back… Did you miss me?  Just kidding.  So as I mentioned yesterday some cold weather and my fibromyalgia ganged up on me last week and kicked my butt!  I was ever so thankful for the warm weather to aid in my feeling better.

I also mentioned I would be adding some new goodies to our Etsy Shop… and I did!  7 new items are now available to order!  And just a sweet little reminder Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, May 11th, to be exact.  So looking for a unique gift keep us in mind.  If you are planning on ordering an item, please remember I create each piece at time of purchase, this usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete … Which means I need time to create it, but if you message me and and let me know it is a Mother’s Day gift I can put a rush on it for the holiday, a small fee may apply.

Okay, now on to the goodies for sale!

Witching Hour



Black hat






Apothecary Sign



And last but not least…




Whew… 7 new wonderful items!  Well Sprites I won’t keep you any longer… The day is coming to an end and I still have the wee clan to feed and some shopping to get done. 


If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, please consider doing so, we promise we’ll like you back 😉  And once we hit 100 likes we want to have a special We hit 100 WooHoo Giveaway!   We only need 19 more likes to hit the 100 like mark… So come on over and show us a little love ♥

I have some brand new wood projects I will be working on and few new things will be going up in the Zazzle Shop too!  Lot’s of fun and whimsical stuff happening so I hope you’ll check back soon!

But for now I am off to feed the clan, so until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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