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Weekend Treasures!

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Merry Monday WoodSprites!

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my family.  Saturday we spent hitting thrift shops and garage sales looking for a shelf for Robert’s music studio.  But I had more luck finding trinkets and this and that then we did locating a decent shelf (we ending up buying him a new one).  

As for my quirky finds… I came across a lovely vintage shoe shine caddy tote from Esquire Footman for $1.99, I think from the 1950’s – 1960’s?  This will now find a home in my wood crafting studio to keep paint brushes and what~nots in.

Wood helms and more 2014 043


Another find was a 1975 completely sealed Backgammon Board Game for $1.99!  It still has the original price tag of $4.50 from Best Products (went out of business in 1997).  Now I don’t know much on the pricing of board games so I cruised over to eBay there was one for $92!  Now I don’t think it’s an accurate price, I came across two others (all of these were unopened) for around $30, this seems a tad bit more in the realm of reality, but still a great find for $2 bucks.  I think I will be selling it on our Etsy Shop, especially because we will soon be adding vintage reproduction Halloween games I am currently working on.

Wood helms and more 2014 041


And my last little find was a cute little kind of primitive style witch!

Wood helms and more 2014 020

How could I pass her by!  She looks so comfy on the bench Bugg made me for Mother’s Day, ready to read some tarot cards or read a bit from the Cottage Witchery book 😉

These were not the only treasures I acquired over the weekend, Mother Nature gifted me with 3 beautiful pieces of drift wood!  I am sure I will be crafting something with them… but what?  I don’t know yet but I’m sure an idea will blossom! 

Wood helms and more 2014 005

The wood still needs some cleaning and drying but believe me this photo does not do them justice! 

Wood helms and more 2014 003

This is the smallest piece that is cleaner than the larger two… Just look at those colors!  Nature is surely amazing ♥

So as you have read my wee clan spent the weekend in search of treasure and spending time enjoying our dear Mother Earth and all her glory.  I hope you all had a blissful weekend too, full of adventure and treasures of your own.

This week I will be back to share with you my new Beeswax wood polish soon to be available in our Etsy Shop!  I will also share the craftiness of my children this week, their wonderful wood crafting and cardboard medieval helms.  Gosh I love my crafty critters!

If you haven’t yet, please do fly on over to our Facebook Page and give us a like! Or visit us at An October Monday’s Etsy Shop and please remember we do take special orders!  

A  friendly reminder Halloween is fast approaching so if you are interested in any of our witch crafts please make sure to order in time to enjoy them for Halloween.  Each item is hand crafted and can take up to 3 weeks to create and ship.  And keeping checking back as I will be adding all kinds of whimsy over the next few weeks!

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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