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Some New Things Brewing

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Happy Monday WoodSprites!

Last week my intentions were to blog at least one more time, but alas life gets so busy… I think I need to pre-blog and set them to post on certain days, yeah that might work.  But today I will focus on, well, today!

So there are a few new things brewing here and I’m excited.  I love being crafty and Oh Boy has crafty gotten busy!  Currently I have lots of projects in the works.  Here’s a list:

1. Custom Coat of Arms order for the Earth Warriors Festival

2. Vintage Halloween items in the creation stages

3. Blending up some AOM beeswax wood polish for the Etsy Shop

4. Brand new Spirit Board, with lovely vintage art

5. Oh you get the picture 😉

One thing I wanted to share was my very magickal vintage style garden tote my oldest son made me for Mother’s Day. He built my lovely tote and I added some artwork, one of my favorite sayings from the movie Practical Magic,  and some old looking knobs on the handle.  I love it! I told him he should make some more for the shop, come on sprites wouldn’t you want one of these?  

Jake garden tote 006

Jake garden tote 010

Jake garden tote 009

If you look hard you can see his name, as a mom I couldn’t get rid of that!

Jake garden tote 012

TA DA!  A future master woodsmith in the making!  

My darling other half helped me get my hinges and binder rings in my personal BOS I am working on.  I will be making some similar for the shop and taking custom orders for these.  It’s not done yet so more pictures will come 😉


Oh and there’s a bunch more I am busy crafting, and yes I will be sharing them soon.  

Well Sprites I have a lot to get done this fine sunny summer Monday so it’s time for me to grab my broom and fly!

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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