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Handcrafted Spirit Boards by An October Monday

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Spirit boards have been around for quite some time and is linked with the beginning of modern Spiritualism.  Soon the well known “The Ouija” would come to be in 1890 but before “The Ouija” was the “Witch Board” created by W. S. Reed Toy Company 1886.   There were and are still many variations of talking boards and An October Monday is proud to create our own style of Spirit Board. 

Our boards are all handcrafted and can be custom ordered to suite any individuals needs.  They are crafted from birch wood and for those of you with a magickal mind know birch is believed to ward off evil, banish fears and build courage, so it seemed appropriate to use in creating our spirit boards.  Our boards are not small and  measure 24″ x 16″, perfect for placing on two laps or on a table top for larger gatherings. 

The next step in creating one of our boards is the artwork, I tend to use vintage inspired art, our favorite of course is witches and Halloween, but we do offer a lovely angel board inspired by the Lee family ♥  After the design is chosen it is then hand drawn unto the board and then the fun begins!  Fire writing, also known as pyrography or wood burning the design into the wood. Side note: these are all hand burned, no laser, no big machine, sadly a common thing I am now seeing is laser etched/burned pieces being sold as pyrography pieces.  And though they have their own beauty and appeal the process is much different.  Whew… okay back on track 😉

The burning process takes the most time and depending on the art work can be a few days worth of work.  Once the burning is done some items are then hand painted or given certain embellishments. Next, we begin the staining process, we use several types of vinegar to stain our woods.  The vinegar stains give an old world charm and feel to each piece and bring out the character of the wood.  Of course we can and do at times leave the wood natural.

Once the staining is done the spirit boards are then given 9 coats of polyurethane.  This is the second longest process as each coat is applied and allowed to dry completely before the next coat is done, it is hand sanded after every 3rd coat to give a completely smooth surface for the planchette.  Once the polyurethane process is complete each board is polished with our own bees wax wood polish brewed here in our own kitchen.  We are careful to add special essential oils to our wood polish for an extra magickal kick! 

Now on to our planchette… You may have noticed it is not the typical pointer style of planchette but rather it is round and notched to view letters, numbers or words.  This is simply our spin on the lovely planchette and is slightly similar to the “Kirby’s Planchette” of the 1860’s.  All our boards have a creation date burned on the bottom of the planchette so as the spirit board is handed down to a new generation they will know the “birth” date of these beautiful heirloom spirit boards.  We also proudly burn or logo on the back of each spirit board so it’s origin can be fully traced. 

We currently have 3 styles to choose from and as mentioned before we love to create custom pieces!  So here is a peek at our 3 Sisters, HeavenLee Messages and Boo~tiful Spirits, spirit boards!

An October Monday handcrafted spirit boards

A closer look at 3 Sisters:

3 Sisters spirit board by An October Monday

3 Sisters spirit board by An October Monday

All our spirit boards and other magickal creations are available at An October Monday Etsy Shop.

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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