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So it’s getting close to that wonderful time we call the weekend.  But the work never stops!

This weekend we will be working a few new pieces for the shop.  I will also be teaching my oldest some of the finer points of the wood working that happens in my wood shop.

A while back, I took my “inexpensive” contractors table saw and converted it into a multi-use table saw/router table with a much bigger table top.  This has made it easier to do larger pieces.  It still needs some work but it is doing the trick right now.  I will be teaching my son to use simple geometry to get the perfect cut, but what each piece of equipment in the shop is used for and what it does.  He has spent some time in the shop with me before.  But I have always done the work.  This one is going to be all on him.  So when we say this is a “Family Business”, we mean it.  I only hope he gets as much enjoyment out of working with wood as I do.

Below is an beautiful example of one of the pieces I created in my wood shop.  Of course the art work on this piece is all Julie!

Tarot Tray

Gypsy Tarot Tray

If you have questions about any of the pieces in our shop, please let us know.  We do custom pieces too!


Author: Robert Eastin

Robert Eastin is a composer and producer based in North Central Valley California. He has a passion for exploring soundscapes and atmospheric soundtracks, his style ranges from minimal ambient to contemporary scores.

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