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Some New Things Are Brewing @ An October Monday

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Happy, happy Saturday WoodSprites!

Things here in the wood studio have been buzzing with New Products and some big changes… but the changes are for another day 😉

Today I am super excited to say we are now offering our All Natural Magickal Blend Wood Polish in our Etsy Shop!  But why are our wood polishes magickal you may be wondering.  Well it’s all about what goes into it of course!  Our wood polish is made right here in our home and created with a custom signature blend of essential oils crafted by Heather Killen owner of Violet Flame Gifts in Newark OH.  We use organic beeswax and olive oil and blend in our essential oil that was created with the 3 P’s in mind, prosperity, protection and purification!  

We use our polish on all of our wood creations and are super happy to now be offering them to you.  We have two sizes an 8 oz and 1 oz size (the 1 oz is perfect for keeping with all your magickal supplies!)  Our wood polish has a subtle deep earthy fragrance, one that is very natural and won’t over power you like harsh chemical cleaners and  are created to help preserve the life and beauty of  your wood. We also wanted to add a wee bit of magick because every home should be a magickal place.  ♥

AOM All Natural Magickal Blend Wood Polish

AOM All Natural Magickal Blend Wood Polish

Don’t forget to check out all our other crafty creations from signs to wood polish, An October Monday products are created to help make your home a truly magickal place!

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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