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American Horror Story… What can I say except I friggen LOVE it!

Last night was the second episode of the season and I am not going to give any spoilers so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet.  I just wanted to show A.H.S a little love from A.O.M after the attack of the killer clowns from C.A.I (Clowns of American International)…  New story here.  They are even planning a clown protest… Egads!

Now I have been a fan of A.H.S from season 1 but this years they have hit my fear nerve right on the money… FRIGGEN CLOWNS!  I don’t see why the C.A.I (unless they are hopping on the A.H.S fame train) is making a stink.  Shall we take a quick glance at some of the most horrific things created? 


What the hell could be creepier than this?  


Okay a bunch of floating clowns heads is pretty scary!


Oh my gosh just look at the last one… Wait, never mind that’s a picture of Robert, my husband 😉  

Anyway, the point I’m making is, Clowns are scary, their painted on smile, over sized shoes,and look at John Wayne Gacy for heavens sake!


Now let’s take a peek at the lovable portrayal of Clowns:

Pennywise – It

Poltergeist – Scariest Clown Doll ever!

Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Captain Spaulding – Need I say more… duh

Gurdy the Clown – 100 Tears

Oh the list goes on and on…  And lest us not forget… EVERY HALLOWEEN HAUNT centered around, yup, CLOWNS!

Face it C.A.I, you guys are what nightmares are made of.  I know you’ve been scaring the crap out of me since I was a wee lass terrorized by BoZo.

All kidding aside, American Horror Story is not for wee lads and lass, it’s for grown up (or kids trapped in adult bodies) and the way I see it, clowns have been scaring folks for centuries so what’s the big deal now?  

Okay enough CLOWNING AROUND, American Horror Story just keep doing what your doing and I’ll keep tuning in!  An October Monday supports and loves A.H.S one the creepiest shows on ♥

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PS:  To all my friends out in California (especially the San Joaquin County) Beware of the Clowns!


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