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It’s Friday!

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Happy Friday WoodSprites and Witches!

I hope you all had a wickedly wonderful Halloween! We kept it low key this year, stayed in with my clan and handed out candy to the little beggars.  Went to a beautiful Samhain ceremony hosted by Ms. Heather Killen of Violet Flame Gifts.  Tonight my wee clan will be honoring our beloved dead and remembering those loved one who passed this year and the years before.  This week our family lost a dear woman, Robert’s bio~Mom, so we will be saying our good~byes to her tonight.

Today I will be shipping out an order to Oregon and we will be working on some new awesome travel size altars!  I have some other new projects in the works, such as; Wheel of the Year, Brigid’s Cross and some Yule pieces!  We will post pictures as they come along.

But this post is not so much to plug the shop, but rather to just ramble on a bit…

The time of reflecting has begun, time to review our harvest for the year and to clean out that what does us no good.  To borrow from Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming…

This past year has been full of many good times and some very hard times.  I have made wonderful new friends, attended Earth Warriors and have grown my little business a wee bit more.  But with the sweet comes the sour (yes I borrowed that too)  This past year we lost my sister~in~law and now my mother~in~law, Robert lost his job and we may be moving, yet again…  

I have ranged from wicked witch to warrior woman mode a lot this year…  I long to be the gentle healer/teacher but it seems that those days are reserved only for my kiddos, maybe as it should be.  I never thought myself to be on a warriors path but maybe I have underestimated my role in this world?  I know one thing is for sure my shadow work (work of the soul) will be very powerful and intense this winter.  

One thing I am always reminded of; We are always growing, changing and learning.  I suppose if the day comes when I can no longer marvel at life and all it’s beautiful complications, I should worry… In fact for the first time I am not afraid of the unknown that lies ahead, I am ready to face it with the heart of a warrior, my sword in hand…  My heart filled with the love of my wee clan.  This is the lesson I have learned this year, there is nothing more important than those you love.

With that said, I shall conclude my ramblings and be thankful we have made it through one more week!


 Blessed Be, may you be with the ones you love this weekend ♥

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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