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Wishing Love, Joy & Peace…

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Today we welcome the return of the Sun, the coming of longer days and the warmth of the growing seasons.  Winter is a time to reflect on the things harvested from the prior year but more importantly a time to plan for the coming year.  A time to find comfort in the cool dark, to heal and grow to ready ourselves for new ideas, new dreams and new hope.  So from All of Us at An October Monday would like to wish you a Blessed Winter Solstice… May you find yourself with ones you love ♥


Womb of Winter

Slumber deep frost covered dreams
A stirring gentle
Casings shed
Roots begin to search for nourishment
A soul’s initiation
New beginnings
Visions from the womb of winter
Faith and courage
New joy and new challenges
Whispered promise of things unknown
Be brave
Have faith
Seed ideas, sweet hope to plant in spring
Keep them
Protected and nurtured
Birth pains flow, renewed breath of life
A yearly rebirth
It requires risk
Rise from slumber embrace your journey
A destiny to create
In the womb of winter.
By: Julie A. Eastin


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