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Apothecary Sign & Violet Flame Gifts

Happy Wednesday evening WoodSprites!

Yay, we are halfway through the week.  Some of us have endured snow storms, ice storms and snow days with 3 teenagers home (okay so that was me).  I finally managed to get the Victorian Era inspired Apothecary Sign finished and it is now available at An October Monday Etsy Shop!  Take a peek:

I think it turned out quite handsome 😉  Now to get busy on the Green Man Herb Shoppe sign.  I am hoping to have that one ready by the weekend.  

Speaking of apothecary I want to show some love to one of my favorite shops around, Violet Flame Gifts.  I am lucky enough to live a few blocks away from this lovely hearth based shop located in a whimsical Victorian house.  The owner Ms. Heather Killen is a dear friend and mentor and the creatress of some of the best all natural bath & beauty products I’ve ever used.

If you’re lucky when you stop in to browse Violet Flame Gifts it will be a day when Heather is blending and brewing up new products!  Oh the heavenly scents… Now if you don’t live near enough to visit don’t fret she has an online shop where you can browse the shop from home while sipping some tea all warm and cozy in your pj’s! Here is a small peek at what you can find there:

One of my favorite products are the  goats milk & silk body creams.  I suffer from extremely dry skin and I have spent lots on a lot of different products claiming to help ( they did not).  I have been using Violet Flame Gifts body creams for about 7 months now and I have not suffered with cracked dry skin since.  I love the lavender but I am currently hooked on the Blackberry Blossom… But whatever you like each one is lightly scented with the purest of oils and made with natrual ingredients.  And if you’re like me and concerned with what your kids are putting on their skin with these all natural products you never have to worry!

Another thing I’d like to mention about Violet Flame Gifts and it’s owner is that it is a true American Small Business.  When you buy from this shop you are supporting a wonderful shop owner and her family.  I don’t know about you but I am sick of throwing money at  Big Box chains and bath & beauty suppliers who could care less about your health.

So if you’re looking for some absolutely to die for bath & beauty products that won’t break the bank, support a small business and is hella good check out Violet Flame Gifts and “Feed the Magical Fire Within!”

Well Sprites time flies and it’s almost time to feed the wee clan.

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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