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It’s been awhile…

So it has been awhile since I last blogged.  We have safely moved, we are now unpacked and An October Monday Etsy Shop is now re-opened.  Working on some new items for the shop, but shhhh… More about that at a later time 😉

Today I would love to share my first new poem…  It’s been the first time in a long time I had words just flow through me this easily.  Maybe it’s the ocean air or the whispers of wind through the woods outside my house.  Whatever the reason I am very grateful and I hope you enjoy Anew…



By: Julie A. Eastin

Wind whispers, secrets of days gone by

The salt air cleanses the soul

A new breath is released

It dances on the ocean breeze


Sunlight purifies the body

Each cell burst with delight

A new cycle has begun

An unfamiliar path to walk


Dreams begin to form

Erupting into being

A new desire burns

Songs of the soul to be heard


Moonrise, a light of guidance

Pearl of wisdom for those who seek

A new woman is reborn

Arms raised, she draws down the moon


Radiant stars shine ancient beauty

They are the ancestral women

A new sister joins them

Baptized in their glow


This moment marked in time

Shrouded in divine mystery

A new love fills her

Transformed forever… She is anew

Image found on

Image found on


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Wishing Love, Joy & Peace…

Today we welcome the return of the Sun, the coming of longer days and the warmth of the growing seasons.  Winter is a time to reflect on the things harvested from the prior year but more importantly a time to plan for the coming year.  A time to find comfort in the cool dark, to heal and grow to ready ourselves for new ideas, new dreams and new hope.  So from All of Us at An October Monday would like to wish you a Blessed Winter Solstice… May you find yourself with ones you love ♥


Womb of Winter

Slumber deep frost covered dreams
A stirring gentle
Casings shed
Roots begin to search for nourishment
A soul’s initiation
New beginnings
Visions from the womb of winter
Faith and courage
New joy and new challenges
Whispered promise of things unknown
Be brave
Have faith
Seed ideas, sweet hope to plant in spring
Keep them
Protected and nurtured
Birth pains flow, renewed breath of life
A yearly rebirth
It requires risk
Rise from slumber embrace your journey
A destiny to create
In the womb of winter.
By: Julie A. Eastin

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New Beginnings

It had totally slipped my mind yesterday to do an Earth Day post… So to show our beautiful Mother Earth some love today I am sharing a poem.  Enjoy and may your springtime be filled with green blessings ♥

New Beginnings

By: J.A. Eastin


Slumber deep, frost covered dreams

A stirring gentle

Casings shed

Roots begin to search for nourishment

A soul’s initiation

New beginnings

 Visions from the womb of winter

Faith and courage

New joy and new challenges

Whispered promise of things unknown

Be brave

Have faith

Seed ideas, sweet hope planted last fall

You have kept

Protected and nurtured

Birth pains flow, renewal breath of life

A yearly rebirth

It requires risk

Rise from slumber, embrace your journey

A destiny to create

All in this moment, a new beginning

Artist holds all rights to this artwork.

Artist holds all rights to this artwork.

I would love to give proper credit to this beautiful artwork, if you know who the artist is please let me know.

(c) New Beginnings Julie A. Eastin 2014






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Memories of Little Girls…

For my Dad…


Memories of Little Girls

By: Julie A. Eastin


Today spins

Emotions uncontrolled

Memories of little girls

A happy lie

You walked away

You turned your back

Pills and alcohol

We weren’t enough

To give you hope

You left… 

Memories of little girls

Where the hell did you go?

All I wanted…

Was to make you happy

Guess that never happened

You never looked back

My sisters and me


More than a memory

You shut the door

Long before I moved on

I lived my days wondering

What did I do?

How can I be better?

But you never noticed…

Not me.

Not my sisters.

You just went on

Like we never were

Something or someone

Best forgotten


Little girls

You just went on

Today I am letting go

Time for goodbye

I can’t carry your memory

I won’t make excuses

I know all too well

The meaning of love

I would never turn my back

On those I love

Tonight the feelings hurt

The memories linger

But I’m letting go

Saying goodbye…

Memories of little girls


Ma and my sisters


In Loving Memory…

This week has been bittersweet… This month has been a balance of good and bad and as a student of life I will try to see the lessons there for me to learn. 

For those who know me and my family you know we have waited to learn if my husband Robert had lung cancer.  It was a long wait one no one ever wants to go through.  I cannot imagine my life without my husband of 20 years, my best friend and my soul mate by my side, so you can imagine the great relief and happiness on March 17, 2014 when we learned he was cancer free!

We celebrated as a family, it was one of the best days of my life, and I was so grateful and incredibly blessed.  Sadly our celebrating would be short lived when Robert’s younger sister Becky was called home to heaven.

We take for granted those in our life, our loved ones and friends.  I know I am dealing with my own feelings, my own regrets that I didn’t make more time in my life for my beautiful sister-in-law.  I spoke briefly with her last week on her birthday.  We talked about going camping, taking the kids to Cedar Point and heading out to our sister Heather’s to just hang out.

It is my promise to do all those things we spoke of… They will be my way to celebrate her and her life with my children and her brother.

I know she is home, she is with her Mom, her Grandmothers, her Grandfathers and so many who love her. I hope she meets my sister Angie and my best friend Frankie, the stories they can share! I do hope that she will, from time to time, grace us here in this life with her love, may we feel it on a summer breeze, in each sunset, soft rays of sunshine to warm our hearts.

We love you Becky, and we will honor your memory always in our home.  Thank you for always accepting me, for being my sister and I know your brother may not have said it enough but He Loves You so much.

 We look forward to the day we will be with you again…

All our Love.

~ For You Becky  ~

Life so fragile

In a blink of an eye

You were gone

Yet your memory remains

It fills our hearts

Reminds us to love

Tears fall

Emotions swirl

Life so young

Life so fragile

With a warriors heart

You lived bravely

You showed courage

You embodied love

Life so beautiful

Life so fragile

May hearts heal

May you be there

Whispering to our souls

May we honor you

And all you believed in

Life so fragile…

And yet your love is so strong.

We Love You Becky…

beckys page


I Never Existed

I Never Existed

By: Julie A. Eastin

Words spoke

Fall flat

Become vapor in the air

You sit smug

Sure of yourself

If only you knew…

The pain inflicted

The hurt so deep

I gasp…

Try to draw a breath

Under water

I see a light above

My hand outstretched

If only

The surface I could break

Struggle sets in


I try to be…

What you need

I lost myself

I am is gone

A reflection of a girl

Who never was


I was never meant to be

I am ghost

A Dream stolen

Captured by those who stole my laughter

Those who took

All that shimmered


Graveyard dust

I no longer exist.


Eyes of Sorrow by Evilyyn

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Claudia’s Grave Tales eBook

I am sharing my blog post from GraveOlogy my writing blog… 

I am so pleased to announce that my series Claudia’s Grave Tales which included: Waiting, Hope, Forgiveness, Tribute and Alone are now together in one publication with the new never before released tale Acceptance. Come wander through the cemetery and view life and death through the eyes of Claudia. Experience ghost stories like you never have before, one’s that leave you wondering what you would regret if you were to die today…

Claudia's Grave Tales

Claudia’s Grave Tales by J.A. Eastin

These wonderfully inspired stories were first published in 2006-2007 in 3 different installments of Twisted Dreams Magazine… Now all five previously published are together in one eBook with a new sixth story Acceptance.  So settle in with your eReader and grab a copy of Claudia’s Grave Tales… 

This is a collection of short stories and not a novel.  We have more to come for Claudia’s Grave Tales, a beautiful  book with bewitching cemetery photo’s to compliment each story.  So if you love ghost stories and cemeteries then come wander among the stones with Claudia as she shares her Grave Tales…