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Are You Ready to Evolve…

Merry Thor’s Day WoodSprites!

Some of you may have already been hitting all the festivals, some of you may be thinking you’d like to go to a festival but all of you will Love the 8th Annual Earth Warriors Festival, Evolve!  

“We are one people by spirit and heart,” is not just a catchy motto but truly is the whole of Earth Warriors Festival.  At Earth Warriors Festival it’s more than just a whole lot of things going on, it’s a closeness to those there with you, it is Being part of a tribe.  

So who will be there?

Jacki Smith, Angie Buchanan, Kellianna, Soolah, Burning Sage, Pictus, Adam Davis, Chas Bogan, Frater Ziku, Carlo Hawkwalker, Devin Hunter, Infinity Forge, David Whaley are a few of the great entertainers and presenters who will be attending this year!

So if you haven’t already pre-registered head on over to the Earth Warriors Festival website and prepare to Evolve!

Now for some An October Monday Shop Updates:

So I was a wee bit busy over the past few weeks, I had a steady stream of orders to create and some new pieces for the Halloween Season.  Shall we take a peek at some of the new items?


3 whimsical autumn themed pieces are now available in the shop:

Harvest Blessings

Keeper of the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Harvest


And more to the witchy side of things:

These Boots are Made for Flying

Midnight Margaritas

Welcome Witches

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

And we are now selling some thoughtfully created products on Zazzle… So if you love our wood crafts we hope you’ll love these too!

Available now:


Full Moon Flight

Vintage Witch Cameo

So as you can see I have been busy stirring the pot 😉

Now I am taking a week or so off from any new wood craft designs but I have things bubbling away in my head for some new awesome whimsies!

Just a quick reminder if you want to order one of our witch crafts for the Halloween Season and have to have it by October 1st the last day to order is September 15th to ensure timely delivery.  That means there are only 48 ordering days left!  Oh my broom and cat’s whiskers what are you waiting for, fly on over and get that order in!

Okay WoodSprites time to fly got lots to do!  Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts & Live in Love,
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It’s Friday!

Happy Friday WoodSprites and Witches!

I hope you all had a wickedly wonderful Halloween! We kept it low key this year, stayed in with my clan and handed out candy to the little beggars.  Went to a beautiful Samhain ceremony hosted by Ms. Heather Killen of Violet Flame Gifts.  Tonight my wee clan will be honoring our beloved dead and remembering those loved one who passed this year and the years before.  This week our family lost a dear woman, Robert’s bio~Mom, so we will be saying our good~byes to her tonight.

Today I will be shipping out an order to Oregon and we will be working on some new awesome travel size altars!  I have some other new projects in the works, such as; Wheel of the Year, Brigid’s Cross and some Yule pieces!  We will post pictures as they come along.

But this post is not so much to plug the shop, but rather to just ramble on a bit…

The time of reflecting has begun, time to review our harvest for the year and to clean out that what does us no good.  To borrow from Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming…

This past year has been full of many good times and some very hard times.  I have made wonderful new friends, attended Earth Warriors and have grown my little business a wee bit more.  But with the sweet comes the sour (yes I borrowed that too)  This past year we lost my sister~in~law and now my mother~in~law, Robert lost his job and we may be moving, yet again…  

I have ranged from wicked witch to warrior woman mode a lot this year…  I long to be the gentle healer/teacher but it seems that those days are reserved only for my kiddos, maybe as it should be.  I never thought myself to be on a warriors path but maybe I have underestimated my role in this world?  I know one thing is for sure my shadow work (work of the soul) will be very powerful and intense this winter.  

One thing I am always reminded of; We are always growing, changing and learning.  I suppose if the day comes when I can no longer marvel at life and all it’s beautiful complications, I should worry… In fact for the first time I am not afraid of the unknown that lies ahead, I am ready to face it with the heart of a warrior, my sword in hand…  My heart filled with the love of my wee clan.  This is the lesson I have learned this year, there is nothing more important than those you love.

With that said, I shall conclude my ramblings and be thankful we have made it through one more week!


 Blessed Be, may you be with the ones you love this weekend ♥

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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An October Monday Pinterest ~ Oh our pretty pictures  😉

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Custom Creations

Good morning again Wood Sprites!

The one thing we are doing as part of our business is creating custom signs for, well, just about everything!  I wanted to take a moment and show you some of the recent custom projects that we have completed and just how you can go about getting your own custom creation.

As some of you may know, we often enjoy the company of our friend Heather Killen.  Owner of the shop here in Newark, OH named Violet Flame Gifts.  She had requested a few multipurpose signs for either shop or festival use.  These signs pictured below were very special order and can be used in a number of ways.  As you can see, they come with a base to stand on a product shelf or they are capable of being hung.  They can also be laid down if need be.  These signs only cost $10.00 a piece and if ordering 5 or more the price does go down.

Custom Signs

Click to view larger size. Available at

Additionally, the same customer ordered a very specific sign for her kitchen.  This sign had a phrase of the customers choice, and is pictured below.  Custom signs of this size start at $24.95 and vary by size and artwork.

There are consequences

Click to view larger size. Available at

As with all of our signs, they are organically stained with an earth friendly, home made vinegar stain, and are either sealed with a non toxic water based poly, or our own homemade wood polish.

All of our creations are available at An October Monday website or at our Etsy Store.

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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An October Monday ~ Our first stand alone web shop!

An October Monday Etsy Shop ~ Home of our handcrafted wood items.

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An October Monday Pinterest ~ Oh our pretty pictures  😉

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AOM ♥’s AHS and We’re Not Clowning Around!

American Horror Story… What can I say except I friggen LOVE it!

Last night was the second episode of the season and I am not going to give any spoilers so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet.  I just wanted to show A.H.S a little love from A.O.M after the attack of the killer clowns from C.A.I (Clowns of American International)…  New story here.  They are even planning a clown protest… Egads!

Now I have been a fan of A.H.S from season 1 but this years they have hit my fear nerve right on the money… FRIGGEN CLOWNS!  I don’t see why the C.A.I (unless they are hopping on the A.H.S fame train) is making a stink.  Shall we take a quick glance at some of the most horrific things created? 


What the hell could be creepier than this?  


Okay a bunch of floating clowns heads is pretty scary!


Oh my gosh just look at the last one… Wait, never mind that’s a picture of Robert, my husband 😉  

Anyway, the point I’m making is, Clowns are scary, their painted on smile, over sized shoes,and look at John Wayne Gacy for heavens sake!


Now let’s take a peek at the lovable portrayal of Clowns:

Pennywise – It

Poltergeist – Scariest Clown Doll ever!

Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Captain Spaulding – Need I say more… duh

Gurdy the Clown – 100 Tears

Oh the list goes on and on…  And lest us not forget… EVERY HALLOWEEN HAUNT centered around, yup, CLOWNS!

Face it C.A.I, you guys are what nightmares are made of.  I know you’ve been scaring the crap out of me since I was a wee lass terrorized by BoZo.

All kidding aside, American Horror Story is not for wee lads and lass, it’s for grown up (or kids trapped in adult bodies) and the way I see it, clowns have been scaring folks for centuries so what’s the big deal now?  

Okay enough CLOWNING AROUND, American Horror Story just keep doing what your doing and I’ll keep tuning in!  An October Monday supports and loves A.H.S one the creepiest shows on ♥

And remember… if you’re looking for that special crafty creation to spruce up your magickal space… Check out our wickedly delightful witch crafts at one of our online shops! 

An October Monday Shop 

An October Monday Etsy

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PS:  To all my friends out in California (especially the San Joaquin County) Beware of the Clowns!

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Shop photos and other news.

Well good morning Wood Sprites, and Happy Hump Day to all!

As we were prepping and getting ready to launch the store, we noticed that all of our photos had a bit of a yellow hue to them. This was somewhat corrected with my photo editing program but you can really tell that it is still there. We started doing a little research and the lighting that we used was a soft white light. This is the most un-natural light you an get. At least from the home store where the bulbs were purchased stand point. Coming in around 1000-3000K (don’t really know what this number means). As we started comparing different bulbs, there are much brighter (white) lights available. So while shopping for supplies, we picked up a 5000K, natural daylight bulb. Boy was that light better! So over the course of the next few days, you can expect to see new photos of our products at the webstore An October Monday.  This also means we should be updating our Etsy store as well.  So be on the look out for those.

More shop news!  We have been commissioned by our favorite local store to create some signs for her shop!  Our good friend Heather Killen, owner of Violet Flame Gifts has requested a couple of signs for labeling different areas of her store.  Wood work on these was completed yesterday, and the art should be done today.  As soon as these are completed, we will post photos for all to see.  Yes with better lighting as mentioned above.

We also have begun work on a series of new small, portable, personal altars.  One in the series of two new designs was created yesterday and the other should be done today.  Artwork will then follow and be posted to the store soon.

As you can see, it was a pretty busy day yesterday.

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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An October Monday ~ Our first stand alone web shop!

An October Monday Etsy Shop ~ Home of our handcrafted wood items.

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An October Monday Pinterest ~ Oh our pretty pictures  😉


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So it’s getting close to that wonderful time we call the weekend.  But the work never stops!

This weekend we will be working a few new pieces for the shop.  I will also be teaching my oldest some of the finer points of the wood working that happens in my wood shop.

A while back, I took my “inexpensive” contractors table saw and converted it into a multi-use table saw/router table with a much bigger table top.  This has made it easier to do larger pieces.  It still needs some work but it is doing the trick right now.  I will be teaching my son to use simple geometry to get the perfect cut, but what each piece of equipment in the shop is used for and what it does.  He has spent some time in the shop with me before.  But I have always done the work.  This one is going to be all on him.  So when we say this is a “Family Business”, we mean it.  I only hope he gets as much enjoyment out of working with wood as I do.

Below is an beautiful example of one of the pieces I created in my wood shop.  Of course the art work on this piece is all Julie!

Tarot Tray

Gypsy Tarot Tray

If you have questions about any of the pieces in our shop, please let us know.  We do custom pieces too!