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Witchen in the Kitchen


Just for fun today I thought I would share my new kitchen theme.  The inspiration for my kitchen came from a little pitcher I had received as a gift from a friend many moons ago with a sweet little good luck cooking witch on it.

Good Luck  Cooking Witch

Good Luck Cooking Witch

As the years went by it sat lonely in a kitchen, a misfit, but I love this pitcher for many reasons and never had the heart to pack it away.  Then a couple years ago my mom bought me a darling little witch (my birthday is a few days before Halloween) and again I could not pack her away only to see her once a year.  So she and my pitcher sat in a Paris themed kitchen…

Then last year my good friend Beth bought me another sweet little witch and I found a salt and pepper that matched my cooking witch pitcher, how could I pack these up too only to see them in October.  We were planning to move after the holidays and I decided it was time for a new kitchen look.  All the Paris stuff was never really my choice we had received a lot of it as hand me down stuff from family members so it was time for me to have the kitchen of my choosing.

I began to spend hours on Etsy (very easy to do my list of favorites is quite long) looking at all the wonderful kitchen witch primitives, art and oh so many wonderful things!  But how could I afford all this stuff?  Easy I crafted it all myself… Yay !

So off to the craft store I went and purchased wooden plaques to wood burn my new art work on.  I created two coffee inspired ones and my daughter and I did two in what we call the mother daughter series.


Mother Daughter Series ♥


Coffee Series

I had seen some very whimsical witch silhouette art and decided to create my own from an old gift bag, reusing a frame for some of the Paris artwork and a card stock printed witch silhouette.

DSCF5236 DSCF5241

As I was busy crafting these so many more ideas came to me (warning kitchen witchen is HIGHLY addictive!) so the crafting did not stop there.  We (my little clan) decided we needed black cats and more wooden signs…

DSCF5012 DSCF5013 DSCF5017 DSCF5018

And some more…

DSCF5251 DSCF5276

So we (my daughter, her bff and me) sewed 13 black kittens and one mama cat by hand.  I did a series of spells to hang above my little witch dolls and of course our broom collection needed a special sign too!  But I wasn’t done here… Our old table we got off freecycle really needed to be redone, but I wanted something different.  A one of a kind table for my family and friends to gather around.  My favorite time of the day is dinner time with my husband and kids, I love being together around the table to share about our day so I searched high and low till I found what I was looking for…

DSCF5248 DSCF5250

Beautiful handcrafted paper with a witch theme to decoupage my table with.  The paper was purchased at  Monahan Papers and I will being doing more business with them, they are great!  I have also covered soup cans with some labels to put candles in…

DSCF5002 DSCF5004 DSCF5008

I am not done with my kitchen because as I mentioned before witchen in the kitchen is addictive and I have some more things bubbling in the cauldron of ideas but this is what I have created so far.  The cost (we are a family of 5 with only one income so this was important) came to under $170.00, now that’s magic!  And as for my little pitcher… Well let’s say it now is no longer a misfit and fits right in.

Good Luck Kitchen Witch Pitcher's new home...

Good Luck Kitchen Witch Pitcher’s new home…

Well I hope you enjoyed a peek into my favorite room of our home and remember the kitchen is the heart of the house where magic is abound!

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