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Are You Ready to Evolve…

Merry Thor’s Day WoodSprites!

Some of you may have already been hitting all the festivals, some of you may be thinking you’d like to go to a festival but all of you will Love the 8th Annual Earth Warriors Festival, Evolve!  

“We are one people by spirit and heart,” is not just a catchy motto but truly is the whole of Earth Warriors Festival.  At Earth Warriors Festival it’s more than just a whole lot of things going on, it’s a closeness to those there with you, it is Being part of a tribe.  

So who will be there?

Jacki Smith, Angie Buchanan, Kellianna, Soolah, Burning Sage, Pictus, Adam Davis, Chas Bogan, Frater Ziku, Carlo Hawkwalker, Devin Hunter, Infinity Forge, David Whaley are a few of the great entertainers and presenters who will be attending this year!

So if you haven’t already pre-registered head on over to the Earth Warriors Festival website and prepare to Evolve!

Now for some An October Monday Shop Updates:

So I was a wee bit busy over the past few weeks, I had a steady stream of orders to create and some new pieces for the Halloween Season.  Shall we take a peek at some of the new items?


3 whimsical autumn themed pieces are now available in the shop:

Harvest Blessings

Keeper of the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Harvest


And more to the witchy side of things:

These Boots are Made for Flying

Midnight Margaritas

Welcome Witches

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

And we are now selling some thoughtfully created products on Zazzle… So if you love our wood crafts we hope you’ll love these too!

Available now:


Full Moon Flight

Vintage Witch Cameo

So as you can see I have been busy stirring the pot 😉

Now I am taking a week or so off from any new wood craft designs but I have things bubbling away in my head for some new awesome whimsies!

Just a quick reminder if you want to order one of our witch crafts for the Halloween Season and have to have it by October 1st the last day to order is September 15th to ensure timely delivery.  That means there are only 48 ordering days left!  Oh my broom and cat’s whiskers what are you waiting for, fly on over and get that order in!

Okay WoodSprites time to fly got lots to do!  Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts & Live in Love,
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Earth Warriors Festival 2014

Merry Monday Evening WoodSprites!

I have been a busy wood witch lately so I am going to try and catch up with a few blog posts over the next few days.  Some of you may, or may not, know that An October Monday attended the Earth Warriors Festival in late August.  It was our first festival and we certainly were not let down!  Although we did not vend at this festival (we were on vacation) we were blessed to have items available in the Violet Flame Gifts booth! (Thank you Heather Killen!) Not only did we have a few of our handcrafted goodies for sale there prior to the festival we were commissioned to create the Earth Warriors Festival Targe/Coat of Arms.  I had mentioned we were working on this piece in earlier post but now I can share some photos of the EWF Targe. 

10256529_595360973908058_553565538043609182_n EWF

It was such an honor to work on this beautiful piece and it made me so happy to see it hanging proudly above the main stage for the entire festival.  I forgot to grab photos of the back but it is equipped with leather strap and handle so it can be held and 2 D-rings, one on the bottom and top for hanging.  The whole process from the start to finish was wonderful and An October Monday was truly blessed to create the Earth Warriors Festival piece.

So what else is new?  Well plenty of course!  And I shall return with a few more blog posts this week.  Thanks for stopping by and if your’ looking for a custom work please feel free to send us a message… We’d love to create something magickal for you!

Until next time…

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,

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