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105 Days Till Halloween… Are You Ready?

Happy Friday WoodSprites!

Sorry I have not posted in a bit, I was busy working on lots of orders (one rather large one for Violet Flame Gifts, only available in the shop).  I have also been working my butt off to get some new designs ready for the Halloween Seasons and autumn.  I am hoping to have them all up and ready for the shop by the middle of next week.


So you may be wondering what’s up with the Halloween count down… Well I am going to do some simple math to help you see why it’s important.

It is 105 days to Halloween, that means there are 75 ordering days to make sure you have the An October Monday witch crafts to kick off the season.  Most of my pieces are created at time of order, if it is slow for me it might only take a day or two to create your whimsy but if I have lots of orders it can take up to 3 weeks!   WHAT?!  I know that seems crazy but I work from my very wee cottage this means I don’t have much room to keep a bunch of items on hand.  I am going to start creating a few of the popular pieces so I will have some done for the witching season…Wish me luck!

I’m excited that Halloween is creeping up!

The shop is seeing a steady stream of lookie loos and a bunch of witchy favorites, this means folks are starting to window shop their Halloween favs.  I can’t wait to show the new items; a beautiful Witching Hour Clock with pendulum, a new piece to the Practical Magic series, a witches welcome sign and few other goodies are brewing here in the wee cottage!  If all goes well I want to get a new spirit board done, I love creating them!

Not much for new items up in the shop.  I did manage to finish the very handsome red oak Green Man portable altar, still finishing up the female counter part.  So here is a look at the newest altar in our shop!



Okay one more Halloween push then I shall say Au revoir…  An October Monday carries 22 (and growing) witch themed items.  So make sure you are ready for the Season of the Witch!


An October Monday Etsy


Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and until next,

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts & Live in Love,
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