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Custom Pieces, Pendulum Boards and Mini Signs… Oh My!

Merry Freya’s Day WoodSprites!

I have been busy, busy, busy!  I hope you all had a most joyous Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice, depending on what side of this lovely green planet you live on.  We celebrated at home, just my wee clan and I but we did visit the Mutton & Mead Festival in Massachusetts and had a fantastic time.  I mean who wouldn’t want to cheer your favorite knight on in a joust, visit with woodland creatures of all sorts,  devour a smoked turkey leg, and wander the market place looking for your next treaure!


My handsome lads with the talented Vixens En Garde!

The shop has been growing inch by inch and row by row (throw back to John Denver, not sure if he was the original but he’s who I remember singing it!).   I have been blessed to do a couple custom orders (still working on one of them), and filling a nice size order for Violet Flame Gifts in Newark Ohio, a few altars and a couple this and that orders.  Somehow in the middle of all this I managed to create 3 new pendulum designs and 3 new mini signs for the shop!

So let’s take a peek at what I have been up to shall we?

I was contacted by a lovely lady who has a bit of a cheeky pup named Barron, this lively pooch has a habit of being outside when thought to be inside or vice versa.  So I was contacted to create a Lil Asshole (her plucky nic-name from her loving family) is in/out sign to help them know if she was inside or outside!  Here’s a look at what I made:


So if you didn’t know we can and do custom orders… Now you know! 😉

On to the shops new items! 

We now have for your pleasure…

Crow & Roses Yes/No Pendulum board

Sugar Skull (re-designed) Yes/No Pendulum Board

Papa Legba Yes/No Pendulum Board

And brand new to the shop mini signs!

Blessed Be Mini Sign

Harm None Mini Sign

As Above So Below Mini Sign


The quaint little signs are only $10.00 perfect for gifts or for yourself!

 So as you can see I have been busy, busy, busy!  And I’m still not done!  I will be finishing up two orders today and then focusing on some new items/designs for the shop, like my lovely tribute to The Green Man & Wood Wife oak altars.  These original designs are stunning and I am super excited about them!  Here’s a peek at where I am with them.


I still have to paint the leaves, eyes and this and that, I have decided to leave the altar top unstained, the red oak is just too pretty and I really like how they will have the color.  So with a little luck and a lot of hard work I am hoping to have them shop ready sometime next week!

Oh and you may (or may not) have noticed I re-designed An October Monday’s banner… I think I love it! For those wondering why there is a miniature schnauzer instead of a traditional black cat on the broom, well that is tribute to my whimsical little pup Quimber! Who can always be found in her chair next to me while I work on creating all these wonderful wood whimsies!  


My sweet little hippie pup Quim ❤

Well WoodSprites I have blah blah blah’d on long enough… I’ve got things to craft and day dreams to dream!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and until next,
Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,
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Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is officially the kick off to summer and the longest day of the year.  It is a time to be grateful for the earth’s bounty, to enjoy long lazy days, picnics and all things summer!  It is also a reminder that the days will begin to grow shorter as we travel toward autumn and the harvest season.   Not only does 2013’s Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere) kick off our weekend this Sunday is the largest “super-moon” of the year!  I will definitely being spending some time under that moon!

So to celebrate the Summer Solstice I decided to create a new page here on the blog called My Featured Story.  This is a page where I can share one of my short stories for a free read!  So to kick off summer I am sharing my flash fiction piece A Midsummer Eve for free for the very first time!  It was my short that was published in Short Sips Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection V2 with 98 other fantastic authors.

Wishing you a joyous Summer Solstice and magical full moon!  I hope you enjoy my little tribute to Pan and Greek Mythology…

A Midsummer Eve 

Setting Sun-Photographer unknown but I'd love to give credit

Setting Sun-Photographer unknown but I’d love to give credit

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Sun’s New Day

Sun’s New Day

By: Julie A. Eastin


Gather round in circle grove

The rhythm of the drum leads the way

Dance in the sun’s glow

The warmth that makes our garden bloom

Give thanks and sing praise

Tis the longest day



Summer Solstice

The wheel continues to turn

Drink sweet mead

Feast on nature’s bounty

Today we celebrate

Sparks of sunlight

We journey to the harvest

Light the fires

Remember the way of the ancients

Follow the season’s cycle

Part of all of life

Now begins his decent

We honor life

The fires begin to die

Embers softly glow a future promise

Gather the flickering light

Take it into your soul

May it give birth to the sun’s new day

Warmth and light dwell within my soul

Till the next Midsummer day…


All rights belong to the artist.  If this is your artwork I'd love to give give you credit by name.

All rights belong to the artist. If this is your artwork I’d love to give you credit by name.